Research at Genesis

Currently, only two per cent of all cancer research funds prevention. Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention prides itself on being the only charity in the UK entirely dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer.

This section outlines more about our research to give you an understanding of why we fundraise and the projects we support. Scroll down to learn more about our research.

Genesis Research ProjectsRead more about our current research projects. B-AHEAD StudiesClick here to read about our B-Ahead Study - Breast activity and healthy eating after diagnosis Meet the Team

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Genesis Research Overview 2013Read more about the research projects we support into the prediction and prevention of breast cancer. Apply for a Genesis Research Grant

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Prediction and PreventionPrevention is better than healing because it saves the labour of being sick. Thomas Adams, 17th Cent

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Asian Women's Health Awareness ProjectClick here to find out more about our Asian Women's Health Awareness Project The Intermittent Diet StudyClick here to read more about the Intermittent Diet study. PROCAS StudyClick here to read more about the PROCAS study. SNPs ResearchClick here to read about our study into The Genetic Determinants of Mammographic Density. Tamoxifen Prevention StudyClick here to read more about our Tamoxifen Prevention Study Tommy TrialClick here for more information on our Tommy Trial Study.